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A Quest For Larger Views

We have been waiting since November and now the time has come. This coming Sunday, Lord willing, we will begin our study of the Book of Hebrews during the Sunday morning sermon time. This could possibly be one of the most important studies we have ever done.

A good bit of last year was spent working our way through the Book of Galatians, which proved to be a very helpful study that enlightened us in many ways. Hebrews is a larger book and will require more time to work our way through.

Yesterday, I sat down and went through the PowerPoint slides of the first fifteen lessons and it got me all excited again. I have been teaching Biblical lessons for thirty-three years and this is the first time I have ever seen the Book of Hebrews in this light. It is exciting to me and I honestly believe it will be exciting to you. I cannot wait to get back into the text of the book this week and find more new and exciting things. It saddens me a bit that some of these things I have missed all of these years, but I’ll not beat myself up about that. Hey, we are all in a growth process and we learn what we learn when we learn it.

Hebrews is not going to be a recess run around the playground. It will not be a walk out to the end of the driveway to pick up the paper. It will not be a stroll around a few blocks as it is when you take your morning exercise. This study is going to be a marathon. We are going to be in the Book of Hebrews for a long time. But, when we emerge from the other side, we will be different people. We will see and learn things about Jesus that will cement our feet into our faith and make us unmovable. We will find things about our real purpose on this earth and how the work of Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to fulfill that responsibility. We will see and understand in a deeper, richer way the different aspects of His work and how that affects us.

Recently I saw a video clip of a cat standing at the front screen door of a house waiting to go outside. He stood there waiting for his master to open the door and let him go. There was no screen in the door. The owner was on the outside coaxing him through the door, but he would not come. So, the owner stepped back into the house, through the screen door, opened it and the cat went out. That is when I realized one of the ways the Book of Hebrews can help us. The cat had his own view of the way he was to get outside. The master had a larger view. How we view things has a tremendous impact on the outcome of our faith. Many believers are standing in front of a completely open door unable to get through it simply because our views are small.

These lessons will build upon one another. There will be sections and subjects that have to have multiple lessons. If you miss any of the lessons, you could lose a link. God willing, the lessons will all be recorded and you can secure a copy of any or all of the lessons presented. This will be done through the Audio Ministry, as always. There will be order forms in the back, as always, for you to turn in your request. Also, the lessons will be posted on our website and you can go there and listen to them trough your computer if you choose.

I want you to get excited about this study. It will be long but well worth it. My job will be to keep the lessons, fresh, crisp and clear. And, it will be your job to listen attentively and convince yourself that you can actually get a grasp on these concepts and run with them. I can tell you right up front, this stuff is thrilling me to death! I am excited!

If we embrace the principles of God in this book, I can promise you that everyone of us will be different people. If we really get a grasp on our created purpose, it will demand that we view ourselves and others differently. We are about to step into a challenge that will “Alter” our lives and “Altar” them at the same time.

So, what can you do? Read the Book of Hebrews at least once a week. Every time you read it, your reading speed will increase. Try to read it out of the same Bible every time. If you do this, you will get to where you will be able to see the words on the page without the book even open. Trust me! Don’t labor over the words… just read them. We will labor over them together. I promise you that I will read it at least once a week but it will be my ambition to read it three times a week.

One final thing. This study is “Big Boy” stuff. This will not be a watered down, weak study. When you step into this book, you will step out of your sand box into a mature world. I need everyone of you to make this journey together, and when we emerge from the last pages of the text, we will be a better people. Our views will be larger and therefore our thoughts and actions will follow a larger path.

Finally, pray for me as I lead us in this study. I need your support before the Father on this. It is a critical crossroad in our twenty-two year journey together. As a matter of fact, pray without ceasing.

I Love You,