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Awed By His Majesty

Last night I spent some time, late at night, looking over some photographs of wildlife and nature. The man who took the photos was an artist with a camera. He knew just where to stand and just when to snap. He captured waves in such a way you almost felt your feet get wet. A cougar came roaring out of the jungle and you could count the light reflections in his eyes. Snakes, bugs, trees, flowers… I could hardly pull myself away from the beauty he had captured.

For a moment I was lost in the artistry of the photographer. And then, pouring from the screen of my computer came the Awesome Majesty of God through images of His creation. I was stricken with awe at how intricately God put all of His creatures and creation together.

But, have you considered that when you see your brother or sister in Christ standing beside you that you are also seeing a picture of God’s majesty? We are wonderfully made, and God did His best to make each of us special and unique. Any quality of good we may possess is not of ourselves. It is of God.

As we see each other from time to time, let’s make a more concerted effort to keep each other on track. “Provoke one another toward love and good works.” By doing so, God’s majesty can be seen, no only by those who believe, but by those who are yet to believe. God has chosen to show Himself to the world through us. And through us, His manifold wisdom and majesty will be known.