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Curb Appeal

Have you ever had a great anticipation for something? I can testify that anticipation can work you over pretty good if you let it. Ever since the house fire in July of 2006, we have been in limbo. At first there were the injuries with which we had to deal. After that came the huge decision of what style house we would build and if it could fit in our budget. That took a while. And then, the decision of how it would be handled had to be a prime concern. Would I build it myself as I did the one that burned down? Would I just act as the subcontractor and let others do the physical work while I did the coordinating? Should we get a contractor and sit in a chair and watch it happen? There where huge decisions which had to be made. The plans had to be secured and gone over with a fine tooth comb. What could you add or what must you take away to make it happen? And, if you decide to use a contractor, where would you find one and who would it be?

Thankfully, God did the looking and hooked us up with a Godly man whom we could trust with our lives. He has a way of doing that, you know? We have been blessed from the moment the ashes cooled… probably before that. God has been so good to us. There has not been one crew working on this house who has acted in any way out of line. It has been marvelous.

Because of weather and schedules of the subcontractors, things have been pushed a bit further than we had anticipated. God’s great servant, T.J., our contractor, has done everything he could possibly do to make it happen as quickly as possible, but never at the expense of the quality of the build. We had hoped to be in the house around the first of April, but it didn’t happen. But, by the second week of May, everything should be done and over and we get to move in. The painting inside is within a day or two of completion. This very week the flooring and the counter tops are scheduled to begin installation. The electrician came just today and began putting in plugs and switches. It is marvelous. You would think that the anticipation would lessen when you see all of that stuff going on, but it is worse than ever. Everyone is doing the best they can to get it done, but there is just so much left to do.

I was out working today getting the area ready where the air conditioning units would sit on the West side of the house. I had to build a retaining wall way high to compensate for the sloping ground. Then, I had to fill that area with dirt and make it secure for the two large units to reside. It has been quite a chore, but it is up and ready now. I worked like a Christmas elf, running back and forth, cutting, fitting and nailing until it was ready to be filled. The sweat was pouring and hopefully a few pounds were dropping off of me at the same time. All I could think about was getting ready for the move in date.

And then, all of a sudden, like a bolt of lightening from the sky, it hit me. I thought to myself, “Why is it that you don’t get this motivated for the real move?” Yea, the real move. One of these days you and I are going to have the new house, not made with hands. God is going to raise us from the grave, reunite us with our heavenly dwelling, our resurrected body, and then move us into the realm where He dwells. What a move in day that is going to be. I did not miss a stroke as I thought about this, but I wondered to myself if I would ever get this excited or anticipate that move the way I am preparing for and anticipating this one. There has got to be something to that question.

When we leave this earth and meet God in His dwelling, there will be plenty for us to do. This life is only a practice run. We are being groomed here to fit up there. There is much to learn and workout while we live this life, but an even greater function awaits us there. I wondered to myself if I would be ready. I wondered what it would take in me to live for Him right now with the same kind of preparation and anticipation I am experiencing with this house. Have I spent enough time helping you prepare? Have you spent enough helping me? Have we taken the ultimate journey seriously? Have we made any preparation at all? These are important questions. They are humbling questions. They are questions that need serious contemplation.

I think I learned a lesson today. I think God is teaching me, through this whole experience, that these earthly things are presented to us here that we might be able to see the necessity of getting ready for the real move… the best house ever. I am not a slow learner, so I am taking heed. And, I would be robbing you if I did not bring up the issue. Think about it. See where your mind can wander with it. It might just make us kick up our steps a little bit and quit worrying about stuff around here so much. My house will get built. the Lord and T.J. will see to it. But if I miss the “Big Move,” I will have missed it all… and so will you.