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God Knows How To Make Things

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1

Psalm 19, to me, is one of the greatest Psalms in Scripture. As you cruise through the text you see the awesome creativity of our God. God knows how to make things and He knows how to make them best.

I love to walk outside at night when the stars are twinkling in the heavens. I can never look up without remembering this verse. The vastness and the complexity and the sense of the unknown in what I see before my very eyes awes me.

I look at my life, as I know you look at yours, and do not see the same majestic scene. My life is riddled with the marks of sin and the trails of evil and I know that I share that same thing with every human on the planet. It would be enough to depress and incapacitate us, if we allowed it, but this same creative God has done a wonderful work in us. He has re-created us through Jesus Christ and made us into something majestic and awesome, just like the heavens above.

Through the awesome sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His powerful work as our High Priest, we can be different. Our sinfulness is done away with in His sight. In our covenant-making-baptism into Christ, He canceled the bond of law that says, “When you sin you die,” and He took it out of the way and impaled it to his cross, setting us free from the condemning nature of sin.

We have been made a new creation through Jesus Christ and our sinfulness is then charged to His sacrifice and we are set free. And then, as He says in one place, we “shine as stars.”

Not only did God create the world, but He re-created me to be conformed once again to His Image. He is powerful and creative and He knows how to make things and make them right.

Now, we can look at one another, just the way we look at the stars in the heavens and marvel that even in our weaknesses before God, and because of His work in us, we declare His glory as much or more than the heavens. Wow!