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God Makes Better Choices

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12

There is a very well known fact among good salesmen. They know that many people do not trust salesmen. Many had told things that are untrue just to make a sale. So, if the salesman says it, it may or may not be true. So, the good salesman works his way around to get the customer to say it. Now, if I, the customer say it, it must be true. The salesman closes the deal and both he and the customer go home happy

This principle works well in sales, but it is a very poor representation of rightness with God. We love being right and convince ourselves that we are. And then, we set out on a journey with God doing what “seems” right.

The problem is that what seems right to us is often wrong with God. It is imperative that we listen closely to what He has to say and follow His instructions, even if we believe we have a better way.

Why is there so much religions division in the world today. God told us what He wanted and yet there are so many conflicts. It appears that too many of His customers are coming up with the wrong ideas, believing they are right.

Honestly, none of us are “right”! Some are closer, but there are flaws everywhere. To claim anything more is arrogance and ignorance. What’s the problem? We all “think” we are right.

The only way we can get it right is to sidle up close to God, watching every move and hanging on every word and let Him do the thinking for us. It doesn’t matter what preachers or Bible class teachers say and do. It matters what God says and does.

So, why does this matter so much? Well, it is because of that little phrase at the end of the verse: “…but in the end it leads to death”.

Our best choice is to let God make the decisions in our lives and keep our opinions to ourselves. If we want to live with Him, it is the only way.