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Keep On Walking

“As for other matters, brothers and sisters, we instructed you how to live in order to please God, as in fact you are living. Now we ask you and urge you in the Lord Jesus to do this more and more.” I Thessalonians 4:1

We live in a world where production and efficiency is the top priority of business. The more we can squeeze out of people and their time and the more efficient they are in their process, the less cost there is to produce a product or service, making the bottom line a better profit. Hurry. Faster. Step it up. Beat the deadline. All of these words echo this issue.

So, what do we do? We leave work, head to a Christian assembly somewhere and the guy up front is barking the same orders. Step it up. Beat the deadline. Hurry. Faster. Well, they may not use the same exact words, but you do not need the same exact words to hear the same message.

Paul the Apostle believed that life was a walk. One version of the Bible will use the word “live” instead of walk. Christianity is a progressive walk in life. Being a Christian is not something we are called to do. It is something we are called to be. There is no production schedule or efficiency report. It is a progressive movement of a life transformed by God, created in His image, to move across the earth and let that image be seen by others.

“Walk as children of light.” “Walk as wise, not as unwise.” “Walk in love.” We have a lifestyle to live in Him and we are called to live it before others as we breathe and move from one place to the other. Even the “Great Commission” we hear so much about is translated inaccurately. It should be “as you are going”. Would it be more efficient to “send” someone to a place to preach the Good News or have them preach the Gospel “as they were going”? Would it be more efficient for a hundred of us to get behind a missionary and send him to some spot in the world to preach the Gospel or for the hundred of us to preach the Gospel as we move around from place to place?

It does not take a big brain to figure out very quickly which would work better. God calls us to live His principles every day of our lives. These are the principles which define us and guide us in our every move. They demonstrate Him before the eyes of all who see, and when that message of the Good News comes from our lips, people readily see that it has made a difference in us.

So, keep on walking. Don’t let religions push you to do something. Let God fill you to become something. The “doers” punch out at five o’clock but the “becomers” live it every step of the way, night and day. Keep on walking!