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Looking Back

We, in this country are in a troublesome time. The prophets of old had the same message to God’s elect, and to God, it seemed fitting that they should speak.

The people of God made a lot of mistakes over a long period of time and they were rather costly. Book after book of the Old Testament defines their issues and their consequences. They were not there to scare us into submission. They were there to reflect the principles of a Holy God who demanded better behavior from His people.

God has never and, as far as that goes, will never allow a nation to go unchecked in their behavior. He wants leadership to be responsible for the good of the whole of the nation, not for themselves and those who can help them keep their position within the structure.

When a nation turns to greed and dishonor in it’s policies and practices, God certainly takes notice. He has in His arsenal a variety of ways, many of which we do not consider, to bring a nation back to a sense of righteous behavior. Nation after nation was depicted in the Scripture as having faced the judgements of God… and God always won. We do not have the strength, the power or the right to try and beat Him. Military might is useless against Him. Political speeches cannot say a thing to generate enough power to stop Him. He can speak from one storm with the speed of His wind and destroy any and ever political platform in the nation.

God can and does use a variety of means to bring a nation to repentance. Rome, for instance, was a text book example of how He works. The basic weapon He used to destroy this “world power” was internal decay. Am I talking about the government of Rome or the people of Rome? Yes! It was coming from everywhere. Rome had the mightiest armed forces in the world… but they did not save her. She had the most abundant resources, government programs and governmental structure unequaled by anyone else in the world. Yet, it did not save her. She fell and crumbled into pieces, just like the Book of Daniel said she would and described hundreds of years before. She, in all of her power and might crashed and burned. Her own corruption and greed caused her to elevate herself, in her own eyes, to a position that was higher than God Himself… and God brought her to her knees in smoking ruins. What was once so lush, rich and fat was reduced to poverty and ruins. Where is her power now?

Well, what does all of this mean? Well, here is what I know. To my knowledge, no nation of the face of the earth has ever enjoyed more than 200 years of peace… and our clock is ticking. Any way you slice it or dice it, God will not tolerate rebellion and greed. He will deal with any nation who rears it’s head and tries to take control of His realm. He still puts up kings and takes down kings, just like he always has… and people get hurt in the process. Is He a bad God for allowing that to happen? No Sir! He is simply giving us what we asked for. And, when He does, not if, you and I are not going to like it.

So why am I saying all of this stuff anyway? What’s the point? The point is that you and I must be people who listen and think differently. It is not about one party or the other in control of the country. It is about God being in control of the country. Political speeches tell us what we want to hear. And, with a presidential election coming up, we need to think very clearly. We need to probe backgrounds and positions of those who will lead our nation. We need to do that with the clear understanding that there are some things that really upset God and cause the “cup of our iniquity” to fill up even faster.

The president and past presidents did not corrupt this country. The people corrupted this country, and the presidents were part of the people. We have grown into a people who are out for number one at the expensive cost of the whole nation… and it is time we realized that. I can assure myself and you that God is certainly taking notice of it. And, to tell you the truth, if history is any evidence at all, He does not like it.

This country will not be changed by presidents. It will be changed by righteousness. It will be changed by people employing the righteous values of the Creator of the very soil on which we stand. It will be changed by people who are not about their own agenda but who are about His and His alone. It will be changed by people who live in His light and reflect that into the darkness of satanic rule in this earth and push it out. It will be changed by people who say no to Godless policies and practices, reminding themselves always to never get caught up in them. It will be changed by people who remember the judgements of God all through the history of this earth and come to the understanding that He is not fooling.

So, how do we vote? No man can tell another to do it or how to do it. But, we can remind one another that it is very unwise to upset God with our choices. If your automobile were hanging half way over a cliff because you had gone too far, teetering in the balance, you are neither safe or secure. It would be very foolish to take a suitcase from the trunk and throw it on the hood of the car. It will fall for sure. One little shift in the balance and it is over the side of the cliff. If a nation like ours is teetering on the cliff of a Divine judgement, the very last thing any of us would want to do is to make one wrong move. Think about it!

Biblical history does not lie. God put it there for a reason.