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Looking Through the Storm

This morning about 3:30 AM Miss Nita punched me and woke me up. “Don’t you think you should check on things,” she asked? As soon as I felt the punch, and while I was hearing her words, I began to hear the storm outside. The wind was ripping and the rain was being driven against the windows and the roof with such a force, that it sounded like someone was nailing on shingles in the middle of the night. As quickly as I could, I sprang to my feet and went into the study to observe the situation, and then quickly to the TV to turn on the weather channel.

Just a few days before, a tornado had visited our area and dealt us quite a blow. Though we personally only suffered a little damage, there were many who were not so fortunate. Because of this, the storm last night seemed even more important.

So, ever so quickly, I responded. Now think about this for a minute. What on earth could I have done about the storm? The last one took the roof off a shed behind the shop. I’m fully convinced that it would have done so if I had been sitting on top of it or not. That storm would not obey my will, no matter what. Nevertheless, I ran from the TV to the window; from the window to the door; back to the TV and then finally to the weather radio. The storm was everywhere and there was nothing I could do. My only hope was to see any damage that she caused, and effect immediate repairs if necessary. I was helpless against a raging monster moving around anywhere it wanted to go.

During all of this I thought of the twelve disciples, and I thought of Jesus. Do you remember what most of the disciples did for a living? That’s right. They were fishermen. These were men who had spent their whole lives on the water. They had seen storm after storm, and had endured hardships that would freak most people, yet they took it in stride and kept on keeping on. On one particular occasion, however, Jesus was in the boat with them and a very strong storm arose. It was so fierce that even these professional fishermen were afraid for their lives. They were so afraid that they found themselves angry at the Master for sleeping through all of it. In haste and in anger they awakened Him and chastised Him for sleeping during such a life-threatening situation. Suddenly, Jesus stood up, rebuked the storm and immediately there was a great calm. All their fears, all their anxiety was stilled with a single phrase from the Master. “Peace! Be still!”

Last night I longed for the words of Jesus. “Come here Lord. Speak to this storm. It frightens me and it frightens my family. Say the word and this storm will cease.”

As I thought these words, selfishly wanting my way, it dawned on me how many times the Master stepped into my life and quieted the storms that terrorized me so. I thought of the times He had protected me and my family. I thought of the many times I had been spared when all around me others were devastated by the storms of life. I thought of the perfect peace that comes from knowing Him and the satisfaction that comes from being His.

After a few minutes of reflecting on these things, I turned off the weather channel, turned off the weather radio and headed back to sleep. This morning when I awakened and the sun came up, I quickly looked out the window and felt at rest. That storm had been calmed and so had the many others that had passed through my life. In all of that, I found a confidence that no matter what comes upon me or mine, God will always be there. He will never leave me or forsake me. He is mine and I am His.

If you need peace in your life, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. There is a reason, you know, that He is called the Prince of Peace.