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My Grace Is Sufficient

(8) Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. (9) But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:8-9

What an amazing statement. “My grace is sufficient.” Those words rolled off the tongue of God as if it was supposed to cure all ills. It is such a short phrase with such a powerful implication and impact.

Earlier in the text, Paul had been caught up into God’s domain, the third heaven, and he had witnessed and heard things that were deemed “inexpressible”. What a sight he must have beheld and what things he must have heard. There was never an experience in the life of this apostle which would ever equate to this one.

Because of this great vision, God gave Paul a thorn in the flesh. We do not know what it was, but we do know he didn’t like it or want it. Three times he pleaded with God for Him to remove it but God would not do it. God just said, “My grace is sufficient.”

He was given this issue to remind him to keep quiet about what he saw. After all, what he saw and heard was “inexpressible”. The last thing Paul needed to do was try and tell people about these things with inferior words to “inexpressible”.

Because of this problem or issue Paul had, God directed him to live with the situation and impale himself completely on His grace. He did not need the thorn in his flesh removed as much as he needed to rely fully on God’s grace.

This makes me wonder about us. If this apostle’s remedy for that which troubled him so was to count God’s grace sufficient, then what does that say to me? What does it say to us?

We live in a religious day where religious leaders are barking out all kinds of promises, supposedly from God, about health and wealth in order to relieve the stresses and troubles of people who have found themselves with their own thorn. “Give more,” they say, “and God will make you rich.” “Your money worries will be over.” “Let me put my hand on you and God will make you well.” “Have Faith!”

I wonder… which would take more faith? Would there be more faith exhibited in giving more to become rich or impaling yourself completely on the grace of God? Would it take more faith to search for a healer or to believe the words “My grace is sufficient?”

God’s grace is not just about, nor is it limited to, the issue of our sins. That is an important factor, but the very fact that God has anything to do with us is grace.

Are you in trouble? Does your heart hurt? Remember the words to a great song. “Where could I go but to the Lord?” God’s grace is sufficient and He will see you through any situation. It does not mean He will cure the problem. It just means He will see you through; and when He does, you will be better for it. Echo the words in your heart. “My grace is sufficient.”