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Reflections of Joseph

We live in a busy world, but there is always time to sit and talk. There is time to relate and reflect. The deadlines are few, but the world is much different than when I was a child. My whole life had been lived with a burden.

As I speak, the nation of Roman is a world power. They have taken over our king and our government. We are at their mercy. Though we are considered a free people, we are not free. We’re not free to be ourselves. We are not free to live as a single nation any longer. Though all appearances give the idea of freedom, we are bound to Rome.

Our whole world has crumbled around us. To the Romans, our lives are worthless. They have no need of me or mine. I feel more insecure than I have ever felt before. In essence, my life is over. It is void. Even though I’m living, I’m dead!

Suddenly… life sprang forth. We heard about the “Teacher” who taught at the temple and on the mountain side. We heard how He healed the sick and there was even some talk that He had raised the dead. Israel was buzzing around me. For a brief moment I felt that life had come back into her. I decided to investigate.

Later, I heard that this man they called Jesus was in the temple area. “I’ll just go and see for myself”, I silently whispered. “There He is.” I saw Him in the distance. Drawing closer, I heard Him teach like no one had ever taught before. He made the words of God live. No longer were they just dead rituals to sit through. “He’s speaking right to me”, I thought to myself. This man gives life.

From that point on I became a dedicated disciple, clinging on His every word. Whenever I could I would follow Him. In my mind I’m His shadow. “Why does He have such a hold on me?” “How can one man affect so many?”

There is finally life in Israel again. “Hey everyone, we have found the Messiah!” Excitement coursed my veins. “There is hope! Dear God I thought we would never see it again”, I cried to myself and to others who would listen. For the first time in my life I could breath a sigh of relief for myself and all of Israel.

Suddenly things changed. “What are they saying?” “How can our own beloved teachers and lawyers say what they say about Him?” “Why do so many hate Him?” So many questions, but no answers.

Before my very eyes I saw our hope destroyed. “They want to crucify Him!” No! No! My heart melted in sadness and grief. Our hope is gone. “Imagine how those closest to Him must have felt.” The saddest day of my life was when I helplessly watched them nail Him to that cross. I felt ashamed for not doing something to stop them, but what could I do? In my shame and sadness I went back home.

“There is something I can do”, I thought. At least I could give him a decent burial. And that I did. I marched right up to Pilate himself and asked for the body of this man Jesus. “May He rest with our fathers.”

Sunday morning staggered me. I had just heard the news. “What?” “He has arisen?” Before my very eyes I saw the glorious work of God.

His death was sad but His resurrection was glorious! Praise be to the Father! There is hope after all!