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Soggy Wet

Last night I was so irritated I could hardly stand myself. Last week, when we returned from “Leaf Peeping,” I started a job in the house. Miss Nita has been on me to lay ceramic tile in the kitchen, the hallway and the rear entry hall. So, I got my stuff and took in after it. You talk about pain. You can find every joint and muscle in your body when you fool with that stuff. You crawl around on the floor so much you start thinking like a cricket.

Needless to say, this job takes a while. So, last night I had to put in the grout in the areas where the appliances went, wash it down, let it dry and return all the appliances to their respective places. I wanted to lay the remaining seventy or so square feet of tile, but because of the rain I could not cut the tiles outside. A wet saw, a rain and an electric cord is a shocking experience. So, I just decided to work on getting things back where they belonged.

When I got through grouting the areas of need, I had to go outside and wash out my buckets and wash up my tools. You never want to do that in the kitchen sink. That stuff sets up in the drain pipes just the same way it does on the floor. Not a good combination. So, I go out in the rain… make that COLD rain and begin washing. I was so aggravated because it was so wet from the long slow rains that my feet were sinking up in the grass and getting my socks all wet. My poor ole shiny head was getting a pounding and I was shivering to beat the band. The more I thought of it, the more disgusted I became. Finally, after I was wetter than the tools I was washing up, I came inside, took a shower and tried to relax a little while.

This morning I got up, bolted from the front door to the Chevy and headed in to work. It was still raining and I was still thinking of how cold and wet I was the night before. Somewhere between home and work those feelings of aggravation left me. I remembered that I had heard only a few days ago about the rain deficits on the East coast and other areas in the country. I remembered how they had reported projected water supply problems for the Spring and Summer of next year if things did not turn around. Somehow, all of that pacified me and the rain issue. You see, if we don’t get the rain we won’t have enough water. It has to soak the ground to get enough back in the aquifer to replenish it for our future needs.

Have you ever considered that those who actually use what they get from God also need a time of refreshing? When we spend the treasures He entrust us with it takes something out of us. From time to time we need a complete saturation from God to replenish what we use up. That replenishing can come in the form of studying His Word or sometimes just spending time with Him in prayer and meditation. Sometimes we need to watch the rain and understand why we need it to help us know and understand what we need from Him. When we have opportunities to drink deep from the well of God, we should not take them lightly. We should grasp every opportunity that comes our way because we never know when there will be a dry spell in our lives. And, if it were not for the saturations we receive from time to time, a dry spell would be a catastrophe.

Take a moment and thank God for the times of saturation He offered you in your life. The next time a dry spell comes along, there will be something down deep from which we can draw the Water of Life.