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Some Things Seem Strange

I was sitting yesterday watching the Weather Channel trying to decide when I could get out in the garden and get the grass out which is about to cover all the plants from view. It has rained so much that you bog down just trying to hoe out a little grass. Maybe today, who knows? As I waited for the twenty minute cycle of the program there was something that caught my attention. The reporters were talking about the severe drought conditions in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. I knew about Georgia and Alabama, but I was not aware that the drought was spreading to Mississippi. Then I thought… “Hey, that state is right next to us.”

Here I am watching the weather information to see when the rain is going to quit so I can get out and do some work and they are wondering when the rain is going to begin so they can be relieved of the drought. It just struck me odd that the drought is crawling as close as one state away from all of this rain. If it is crawling this way, we may experience some of it later in the year. It just might get so dry the grass won’t even grow. Who knows?

It would be nice if we could all enjoy a balance. But, that is not up to us. Whatever happens with the weather is what we will have to deal with. We cannot control what happens, and if we could, we would most likely mess things up really bad. God knows what He is doing with the rain, just like He knows what He is doing when it comes to our lives.

We are a lot like the weather. Many of us have experienced droughts in our lives. But at the same time, we have experienced the abundance as well. We often dream of paradise where everything, as far as we consider it, goes ultra smoothly and there are no problems. Well, that is just not the way life is. Sometimes we are rained on time without end, it seems, and then comes the drought. When it’s raining we wish it would quit. When it doesn’t rain, we wish it would.

The people in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi will adapt to the situation until it changes. They will probably be restricted from doing some of the things they would like to do, but they will get by. For us, we will get the grass cut down one of these days. We will deal with the wet ground and pop up showers. We will adapt and life will go on.

In our lives, there are always things happening that are not our particular desire. Sometimes we are in a situation with plenty and sometimes we find ourselves needing something more. Sometimes our spirit is satisfied as if it were fat and sassy and at other time we find ourselves feeling empty and depleted. What do we do? Adapt! God never promised that everyday would be smooth sailing, but He did promise to sail with us. He did not promise that we would have good health, but He did promise us that in life or death we could still rest on His promises.

Everyday life is about adapting. God is the multi-adapter. No matter what comes at us, He is always there with a way to get through it. With Him in our lives, we can adapt to any situation, whether good or bad, as we see it. We can make every day count for something because He is there. So, no matter what comes at us, we can be confident that God will see us through. And if that is true, and it is, Life Is Good.

If you are struggling, look to Him and He will help you adapt. Don’t go against the trials, go with them. Better than that, go with Him and He will see us through.