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Team Work

In our school system today, sports have become a seeming necessity. With all the distractions the sports programs bring, they also bring some overwhelming attractions. They teach the children the necessity of teamwork and that working as a team can produce a much greater result.

A “one-man show” is frustrating. Out on the football field, when one person thinks that he alone can win the game, the team is destined to lose. Even if the score is greater than the opponent, the team loses. Not only that, the teammates become discouraged because it seems that their efforts are in vain.

Think about it for a moment. What would a football game be like if there was only one player on each side? What about a band concert? What if you only had a drummer? How long would you be willing to sit and listen to the voice of one instrument?

It is obvious that a team sports event must be approached with a team effort. A band concert must be approached with every instrument participating in the score.

In a team sports effort or in a band, everyone has a function. Some have a more outstanding role than others while some have a supporting role. The leading role is out of balance without the supporting roles, and the supporting roles are out of balance without the leading roles. TEAMWORK IS A MUST!

Now, let’s talk about the church of Jesus Christ. Far too long we have promoted an imbalance that has all but destroyed our progress. We depend too much on the “quarterback” (that’s the one with the ball) and not enough on the team. Many of the players have no idea whatsoever of the position they are to cover.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t even know what we are supposed to be doing. The best we can figure is that we are to come and sit in the stand and root for our side. After awhile, that even becomes boring and unproductive, so we begin to lose interest.

Are you at that point? What’s wrong? Have you not found your place?

In football, if you weigh 250 pounds, stand 6’4″ tall, and like to hit people, the coach would put you on the front line to block for the quarterback. He would place you according to your build and ability.

In the church, Jesus Himself has built you for a specific work. He has placed you on the team to use your gift(s) as HE sees fit. He has given you something that will help the others on the team accomplish the overall mission that He, Himself came to do: “Seek and Save the Lost.”

Many are sitting back and have lost interest, slowly concluding that they are useless because they cannot quarterback or play the leading parts. Don’t let this happen to you.

Every instrument that is removed from the band hurts the sound. Soon you end up with one drummer playing “Silent Night”, and no one wants to listen. What part do you play? Are you still playing? Who determines what the “leading” role is anyway?