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Touching The Lives Of Others

On the radio this morning I heard a report that the state of Texas was looking to recruit 30,000 plus teachers for its school system. At the present, they are scrambling for ideas to get new teachers. There was once an abundance of teachers in our nation, but the desire to teach has diminished all over. They are talking about offering a “sign on” bonus and things of that nature to draw new teachers in. Older teachers are retiring and there are simply not enough people interested in taking on the challenge.

Teachers are often blamed for problems within the home. It is easier to blame the teacher than to correct the home. Who wants that kind of pressure? Who wants to put themselves into a generally unappreciated job only to be blamed for one thing or the other?

You know, there are some who will do it anyway. Not because it is such a wonderful job, and certainly not because it pays so well. They do it because they love the students.

In a church, like this one, we have the same kind of problem getting and keeping teachers. Who wants a thankless, nonpaying job? Who wants to be blamed for the behavior of students who are only acting out what they see in their lives? Yet, you still do it!

Our teachers here teach because they know and understand it has eternal value for the students, young and old, not simply because it is such a wonderful job. They give up their opportunity to visit like the others get to do. They give up their opportunity to attend classes and be refreshed by another leading their mind into a fuller and richer experience. Yet, they do it anyway! They choose to struggle, in some cases, with difficult students and difficult parents… and they do it with the grace and love of the Lord.

For all of you who labor in your love to instruct us here, we offer our deepest appreciation and gratitude. When our eyes are closed during class, we might just be praying a prayer of thanksgiving for you and for the sacrifice you continue to make to share the Word of the Lord with us. We do not tell you enough how much we love you and love what you do. But teachers, we love you and without you our lives would suffer. Thank you for all you are, all you have become and all you offer us. You labor of love has not gone un-noticed. Thank you for being the servants you are.