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Why Did You Call Us?

Recently I was contacted by a young lady whose life is upside-down. For about an hour and a half, I talked on the phone to this woman about her troubles and heartaches. Without telling you any of the details, I can tell you that she has had enough trouble in the last year to sink the Titanic.

As we talked, I tried to reassure her that life is not over because there is trouble in it… and that God had not abandoned her as she supposed. Story after story came out of me searching and seeking a way to help this lady see the presence of God and understand that we do not always know just what He is up to in what He allows us to go through. But, I also let her know that whatever happens does so for our own good.

After some time I asked her, “Tell me, why did you call here?” She said, “I pass your church all the time.” I said, “You pass about six on the same street. Why us?” Then she said, “I see your sign and it always seems so helpful… like you might really care.”

I was dumbfounded. I know people do that, but it is always sobering when it happens and it makes me think about what true gift God has given us.

We have an awesome responsibility to live up to the perception that people have of us. We must never let our guard down and violate such a precious gift and opportunity. Maybe people see us like that as individuals. What a sobering thought!