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Praise God

Just a note to let you know that the prayers for my sister, Sandy who is struggling with addictions, are being answered. She says she feels better than she has since March, and the treatment plan, grief counseling, and other therapies are going great. For the first time in a very long time, I feel hopeful for her recovery. Thank you all. Beth. (8-7-2016)

I don’t remember the day it happened but one day Jesus became more to me than a man in the Bible, or someone looking down at me from Heaven far far away. No, I don’t remember when it happened, but when it did my life changed.

I was so very lost, grasping for anything that would make me feel better, make me happy, make me want to get out of bed every morning. I had lost the will to live in this earthly life. I felt alone and afraid. I tried drinking, eating, relationships, nothing seemed to fill the emptiness that was in my soul. Nothing… until Jesus. As I said earlier, I don’t remember the day it happened, or even what I was doing. But, one day I had this overwhelming feeling that I was never alone, and I had never been alone. It was a miracle and there is no one who can convince me that it wasn’t. I now have a best friend who is with me wherever I go. We just talk and talk sometimes, about everything… and about nothing. It is the most awesome feeling I’ve ever felt.

I consult my Father about everything. Not just the major, life changing decisions, but, everything. Including which way to go to work in the morning. And you know what? I always hear Him when He speaks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hear actual voices, it is just a quiet, calm, all knowing feeling. That is the most appropriate description I can give. It is incredible.

I love the Lord so much, I just want to talk about Him to everyone all of the time, I get a high just talking about Him… and that is the truth. And, I do this on a daily basis, every chance I get, and sometimes I make my own chances. I don’t carry a Bible and preach hell, fire, and brimstone. It is just the way I try to live my life, the way Jesus lived when He was on earth. It’s the only way I know how to live, and be happy and content with this life I’ve been blessed with.

I was a “full blown” alcoholic nine and a half months ago. I had no drivers license, no car, no home, no clothes to wear, and my family had all but given up on me. But thank goodness my Lord didn’t. When I finally came to Him, humbly, and gave my life completely, things started to, very slowly, change for me. I felt like a child who had just been wrapped in her mother’s arms. As I said, the progress was slow, but it was progress. My mood began to change from depressed to slightly happy, then happy, then most important, and finally, content. In these last nine and a half months I have received a drivers license, a car, the trust of a very loving brother, who lets me live in his home, and my family and children’s respect. I couldn’t ask for more. But most importantly, my will to live the life I have been blessed with, for my Father. None of the material things compare to the love I feel from and for my Father. I love you Lord.

From: anonymous in U.S.A. (9-27-10)