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Seed For The Sower

We know and understand that many preachers labor under difficult circumstances. Many of you are bi-vocational and have little time for sermon and class room preparation. There are many who have the burning desire to preach but lack the skills to dig a little deeper in the well for something with a little larger view. Preachers who do their job are busy people and sermon or classroom preparation is usually the first to be set aside to make time for other ministry demands. So, we often resort to pulling something out of the filing cabinet or surfing the web in haste to find something to use for Sunday. It is not fair to you and it is not fair to the church. We can help ease that pressure a little bit.

We understand what it is like in the early years, especially in small congregations, to challenge the flock and keep their eyes lifted a little more upward. These things come with time and experience, trial and error, but that does not help you right now.

This offer is targeted to the younger preachers and the small congregation preachers (80 and under attendance). We are not limited to that, but it is our first passion.

We especially want to help young preachers in the USA. We are not opposed to working outside of our country, but we choose to work within the USA first. If you are out of the country and request help, we will deal with it the best way we can.

Here is what we are willing to commit to for one year at a time. We would like to send you some preaching material to assist you in your work. It may be sermons on various subjects, book studies on books of the Bible or series lessons on important subject matter. Most of the material will be in series which promotes a continuous line of thought instead of scattered or random lessons. It is easier on the preacher and much easier on the church.

These PowerPoint presentations are designed to help you and the church as much as possible. Many of them are almost word for word and can be effectively read as if they were a manuscript. They are animated and carefully put together to make a teachable tool in the hands of the user.

Your disk will be shipped each month on or around the 15th to allow you to receive it before the first of the coming month. Each monthly disk will contain either 4 or 5 lessons. Sometimes the last disk of a series may be more or less.

At this time we will choose the course to be sent.

These lessons will come with an audio MP3 file which will allow you to listen to the presentation as it was originally delivered. It will also contain an animated PowerPoint presentation with a beginning title slide you can modify to fit your congregation…if you are equipped for PowerPoint. For those of you who may not use PowerPoint, you can print the slides off on your printer and use them as notes. Or, you can snip the words from the slides and create your own outline or script in your own style.

Visual lessons will improve the learning curve of your students by about 30%, making it a very significant tool. (There could be occasions when we send you a bonus audio file without text or PowerPoint in addition to your regular studies.)

This is a serious offer on our part and we want only serious takers on your part. This is not material to be placed on a shelf somewhere and never used. It is proven, workable lesson material that will assist you in your work and study and help provide a stable preaching experience for the flock to which you tend. As with any material, if you find something you do not agree with, we will not be interested in having lengthy discussions back and forth about it. We will just leave it up to you to work the problem out if you feel there needs to be corrections. If for some reason you do not like the material, just email us and ask us to remove you from future mailings.

There is no financial obligation on your part at all. Someone who cares about you and your work will fund the material being sent to you. Your supporter will be given only your FIRST name and the STATE and COUNTY in which you preach so they may pray for you by name. They WILL NOT have any of your contact information.

Those who support you will have a serious financial responsibility toward you. Please take this gift very seriously. They are making a sacrifice to help those of you who are sacrificing your life for the work of the Kingdom.

After you have received material for 12 months you will need to contact us and let us know if you would like to continue receiving the lessons.

Your information is safe with us. We are pioneers on the internet and have taught hundreds of thousands of people all over the world since 1995. We have the names of thousands to whom we have sent materials and we have never given out contact information to anyone and will not. We only need it for our purposes.

We love and admire those of you who preach the Word. We especially have a soft spot in our hearts for those of you who labor in small congregations with all of their challenges… and we want to help you. If you would like to participate and be a Sower of the Seed with our help, just click the link below and fill out ALL of the information, submit it to us and we will do the rest. We will review your request and contact you by email in a timely fashion.

May God bless you as you pursue goodness, righteousness and truth.

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