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Who we are

Church of Christ/North is a congregation of people devoted to the Love of the Lord.

We are a place where those who have been beaten up by the world can find help and hope in their spiritual walk. So many times congregations over-react to situations in the lives of their members, creating trauma and difficulty too great to bear for a person whose faith is faltering. At North, we try desperately to be sensitive to those needs. North is an open church. Anyone from anywhere is welcome here. We believe that in time,
anyone can recover if they are loved and valued as a person for whom Christ died. Consequently, doctrinal problems or personal difficulties tend to heal themselves.

North is a place where doctrinal purity is made one of its priorities. Ninety percent plus of the teaching from the pulpit is expository in nature. We believe in “Teaching the Word,” not just “about the Word.” Our doctrinal integrity is solid, but we will not sacrifice the person at any cost. The person — people — are more important than church programs or winning arguments. We will never compromise doctrine, nor will we compromise the person.

In the history of this church, it has always been our way to encourage our men to speak and take an active role in the teaching process, the way Jesus intended it.

Garry Knighton is our current staff facilitator. He is now in his 27th year at North.

Our congregation refuses to become involved in the “brotherhood squabbles”. We do not linger on the issues that divide the church. We refuse to get caught up in fighting over words, especially when it is not directly affecting us. We do, however, address whatever situation that arises when it arises. We feel that a constant diet of “issue preaching and teaching” creates a divisive spirit in the church and we do not want to contribute to the problem.

We were the 5th church in the world on the internet, therefore giving North a major presence in the world. It is our intention to present God, not ourselves,to all who will see. For four years we offered a Free Gospel CD to anyone, anywhere in the world who wanted to hear it. This Ministry actually took off on December 1, 2000. As of July 2004, we had successfully presented the gospel to over 50,000 people. This was a PowerPoint presentation,presenting the Gospel, that would play on a computer with or without the PowerPoint software.Since that time, we have developed the same presentation in both HTML and Flash versions which can
be viewed or downloaded from our siteand used to share the Gospel with friends and family. God has been good to us with this ministry. With His guidance and support, we will teach thousands more in the future.

If you visit North you will find a warm and friendly welcome from the membership. These people have been caring for the wounded so long that it has become second nature. Our assemblies are upbeat and exciting. We do not let tradition bind us, but at the same time, realize that not all tradition is bad. We try our best to exercise the freedom that we have in Christ, all the while, being constrained by His love.

Do not be afraid to invite or suggest to your friends that they should visit North. We will be glad to contact anyone who is interested in finding a church home or anyone who is interested in a Bible Study. We will be kind, gentle and godly in our visit.

If the North congregation can serve you and your needs in any way,please feel free to call on us. If there is something we cannot do for you, we will let you know.You will not have to wonder.