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Congregations online

We currently have the privilege of listing 2282 congregations as of Apr. 5, 2020. We have been listing since July 1995.

If your congregation has a web site that is not listed, if you no longer have a web site, or your URL has changed, Click Here

Be sure to check your state’s listing for your web page. Only those listed within the last 60 days are in the new listings on this page. To view the congregations in your state, click the appropriate link at the left.

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Our New Listings
….1God.Community, Charleston, SC
….Bear Branch Church of Christ, Spurlockville, WV
….Aledo Church of Christ, Aledo, TX
….Church of Christ Northwest, Reisterstown, MD
….Queensbury Church of Christ, Queensbury, NY
….Ocoee Street Church of Christ, Copperhill, TN
….Metropolis Church of Christ, Metropolis, IL
….Mullins Church of Christ, Mullins, SC
….Cedar Springs Church of Christ, Spartangurg, SC
….Northwest Church of Christ, Southaven, MS
….Hartselle Church of Christ, Hartselle, AL
….Willow Park Church of Christ, Willow Park, TX
….Veteran’s Parkway Church of Christ, Murfreesboro, TN
….Brookings Church of Christ, Brookings, SD