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God Is Awesome!

There was a time when I was stricken once in a while by the way God does things. To tell you the truth, they were few and far between. I, like many others, was always on the lookout for some “big thing.”

But, in these latter years, I have come to see God doing a mighty work in what we might consider smaller ways. I sat in a funeral service today and listened as person after person talked about how someone had touched their lives. We have felt that touch before in our lives. It is a sweet and tender moment, but most of us do not think much about it, unless perhaps the person who touched us dies. We feel the touch and receive it with gratitude, but rarely do we project it into the future and measure it’s value.

I’m ordinary and you are ordinary. We don’t really expect much from ordinary people so we rarely look for something good to come out of us. But, do you realize what happens mathematically when you are touched with a blessing from others? It affects your immediate family, your church family and all of the family of friends with whom you surround yourself. If something touches you, it is impossible for it to stay just with you. Your children are infected with it. Your friends and church family receive the blessing… and it cannot be stopped. It multiplies every time we move around.

God takes that one little ole good thing and puts it before the hearts of millions in a very short time. All the while, many of us are praying and asking for a blessing. It is just difficult to see that God can and often does, deliver it through some ole common boy or girl who touches our lives. We serve an awesome God!

I saw just today the Mighty hand of God at work in the life of someone else. For four years I have waited and prayed for someone. For four long years I have tried to connect in a effort to help. And then, in one of my busiest moments when I had the least amount of time, I was contacted by the very one with whom I had longed to speak. We serve an Awesome God!

I’ve watched God use me over the years to help others develop into people of faith and foundation. Why on earth would He use someone so flawed to accomplish such a task? How is it that others could love one such as myself and keep coming back for more? With all of the spit, polish and shine out there, why me Lord? We serve an Awesome God!

How is it that God could or would take a small, meager congregation, tucked away on the North edge of the city, whose members are from almost everywhere in the city except this neighborhood and project the Gospel to millions in almost every country in the world? What gives us the right to have such an opportunity? We serve an Awesome God!

God has always used weakness to show His power. Sampson was the strongest man alive. He had muscles alright, but he was a weak man. Make no mistake about it. But, God used him in a powerful way to let Himself be seen. Is it possible that He might do the same with us? With you? With me?

We serve an Awesome God who can take our weaknesses, collectively or individually and do mighty works in this world… and we must never forget that.

Heaven will be sweeter because of the people who touched your life and because of the people whose lives you have touched. God knows what He is doing. Perhaps it would be good if we were to look around and notice some of the things we consider “smaller” and just see if we can get a glimpse of God’s awesomeness once in a while. Much of what He does with us we will never know. But, once in a while, something will come to the surface and we will get a little peek. But, whether we see it or not, we must never forget that we serve an Awesome God!