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Let There Be Light

In the very first part of the Bible, in the creation days of God, a statement that has stood the test of time was uttered. “Let There Be Light.”

God is a God of light and John set the thesis of his book, I John, on that very premise. “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” These words scream His character. The church, struggling as they were in John’s day, were told to “Walk in the light as He is in the light.”

When you reflect for a moment, the principle of light shouts from all over the Scripture. It may be talking about good and evil or either good or evil. Evil is always reflective of darkness and light is always pushing its way though that darkness to overcome it. Good and evil are in conflict, both in our world and in the heavens above us. There are angelic forces above us doing battle with evil as we speak.

We think that our world, our habitat, is evil, but if the truth be known, we are only getting the fall out from that which is being fought above us.

Jesus comes into this world proclaiming to be the “Light of the world.” He instructed His disciples to be a light to the world and never hide it, but on the contrary, set it up on a hillside.

Even though God spoke those words in the creation and light appeared, He is still speaking them today. “Let there be light.” He is calling people of this world in every generation to be people of light.

He set aside a special people, the Jewish nation, to be a peculiar nation. They were to be the people of the light of God. For a while they were, and then they would slip away. God would send the prophets and if the nation did not repent, He would follow with an in-time judgment. That was not to be mean or hateful. It was to bring them back to light.

God finally gave Israel over to their darkness and divorced her. Then, He took on a new bride, the church. Now, you and I are that special chosen people. And, even thought we are the special, chosen people, the purpose has not changed. We are still, just as Jesus beckoned, the people of light. We are called in the purpose of God to be the light to the world.

So, when you wonder what it is you are suppose to do on this earth or if someone asked you what they should do, the answer is simple. “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”