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The Difficulty Of Trusting God

We love repeatable phrases. “If you are going to talk the talk, you must walk the walk.” Catchy! “God didn’t create everything in one day.” True! “Trust in God.” Hey, we even have that one printed on our money (for now). We love to talk about trusting God.

You will notice every time we get ready to do something larger than normal, we talk about trusting God. “Let’s evangelize Africa,” someone says. “Great! Let’s go for it.” We present the idea to the church and tell them, “We must trust God to pull this off.” This is so true. We must!

We started the CD ministry that has now gone world wide. People from everywhere are seeing and hearing the Gospel because of this work. What did we say? “Trust God!” And frankly, I believe we have and still are. This whole thing is running on trust. We live from hand to mouth in this ministry and just about the time the crumbs look like our next meal, along comes a biscuit. God is in control of the work and we want to leave Him right there in that position.

When we try and raise funds for this work outside of our congregation we often hear about trust. “Brother, you just have to trust God to provide.” Hey, I know and understand that. I often want to reply, “I do. As a matter of fact I was talking to Him about funds last night and He told me I should talk to you.” But, I contain myself. 🙂

The work we do here with the CD Ministry, the Towel Ministry, the Men’s and Women’s Ministries and all the rest of them are done on faith. We are trusting God to lead and provide and He does that very well through the hands of His children like yourself.

It is easy to see a need to trust God when something bigger than ourselves is on the line. We build a building and say, “Let’s trust God to help us.” But, when is the last time we had an assembly and said, “Let’s trust God to lead us this morning or this evening?” When is the last time we pondered a situation for which we are trained and experienced in handling and said, “Let’s trust God to guide us in this matter?”

I remember kneeling in our living room one time in my whole life asking God to help us. It was during the Cuban missile crisis when we thought our nation was going to be under attack. It was funny how that kneeling only lasted as long as the crisis. We needed God to help us until we could get enough bomb shelters built in the neighborhood to protect us. Now, this may be an overstatement, but I doubt it.

Where is the trust in the smaller things of life? It is like saying to God, “God, I do not need you on this one. I can handle it myself.” How sad we are when we assume God’s role in our own lives. You cannot totally trust me. I am not flawless and I will let you down. I cannot totally trust you because of the same reasons. But, we can trust a flawless God without hesitation. He will not let us down.

So, whatever we do, whether great or small, let’s put it in our mind to trust God to help us. If it is serving someone else, leading a song, teaching a class, visiting someone who is sick, speaking a word of encouragement, trust God for guidance. If we will put our trust in Him we will never be ashamed!