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Watching Where You Step

Yesterday I took Anita and Haley down to the pond to feed the fish. About five months ago we put some little tiny fish in the pond to stock it. Most of them were about an inch long, but the catfish were about two inches. I had been there just a little while earlier and they were boiling the water where I fed them, so I thought the two ladies of the house would get a kick out of watching them eat.

As we neared the edge of the pond, instinctively, I kicked into another mode. It is not wise to go traipsing off around a pond without keeping you eyes glued to the ground. There are some very dangerous snakes who live around there and they are not very proud of anyone who invades their territory. So, I go walking along in front of them watching every inch of the ground and tall grasses to make sure that we were all safe.

We got there, threw out a bunch of feed and I watched the two of them enjoy the fish. By the way, the little two inch catfish are about eight inches long now… but not yet big enough to stink the grease.

The whole time we were there, I was constantly aware of our surroundings. While they watched the fish, I kept a close eye around where they were standing. And then, as we started to leave, I walked out in front making sure the path was safe.

The strange thing about it is that I didn’t have to remember to do that. It just came out of habit. And, a good habit, mind you. A person can get into serious trouble if they do not watch for things like that.

Well, later on I got to thinking. Why is it that I and others like me forget to be that careful with life? Could it be that in this life I need to watch where I step? Should I be as watchful every hour of the day as I am around the grassy areas of a pond? And, which is more dangerous, a snake or the tempter? Which one has the greater consequences?

All I wanted to do was show the ladies how the fish fed and I ended up being faced with an inspection of my life. It’s amazing how that happens.

God warns us about the Evil One. He tells us that he is like a roaring lion on the prowl seeking anyone he can destroy. He does not sleep and he never has an off day. He slithers through the grasses of life, waiting for some unsuspecting person of faith to come by so he can inject his poisonous fangs of evil into us, injecting us with his way and his desires.

Perhaps a little reminder will help all of us. Watch where you step. There is always danger lurking in places you might least expect it. And know this… the more our faith grows and develops, the more tall grass there is going to be in our lives. Satan HATES faith. It is the weapon that God uses against him through us. Be on your guard and WATCH WHERE YOU STEP.