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Churches of Christ

Add Your Congregation’s website to our
List of Churches of Christ with Websites

  1. NOTE: This list is exclusively for Churches of Christ that have a website currently posted on the World Wide Web. If your congregation does not have a website, click this link: World Wide Directory of the churches of Christ. Chances are great that your congregation is listed there. If it is not listed there, they have provided a form to request to be added. Unfortunately, they charge a service fee for listing/updating your entry. Also a search on Google for “churches of christ” directory will yield many hits where you may find a place to list your congregation with them.
  2. If your congregation has a website and you would like to ADD it to our list, or DELETE it from our list, or CHANGE the web address, please click the button below to e-mail us your congregation’s website information.
    Please check your state’s listing to see if your congregation is already listed before clicking the button below.

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Please include the city and state, or country;
this will expedite your listing.