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Please pray for justice for my husband, and me. A brother in Christ who prepared our taxes mishandled the paperwork for several years. We ended up paying over $6,000.00 last year. The only reason the mishandling was discovered was because this brother passed away, and another brother who took over corrected the errors. We know the scriptures about God’s instructions not to take a brother or sister in Christ to court, and we will honor it. The $6,000+ was a major setback for us. We are retirement age, and have a mortgage, and our daughter’s college tuition to finish paying off for several more years. It still stuns us that this brother who was a lawyer, and very knowledgeable, and meticulous would do that to us. We have since discovered that besides this, that he wasn’t the friend we thought him to be. Please pray God’s blessings to help us recover from this, and our trust in Him to be stronger than before this. We forgive this brother, and are determined not to confront his family, nor to seek restitution from his estate.
Request from: Anonymous in U.S.A. (10-24-19)